Custom Button Examples
More Default Button Type for You
Button type=”” Description
Standard gray button with gradient
Custom btn-custom Provides custom text and background color for buttons.Here you need setting bg_color , bg_hover_color , txt_color , txt_hover_color params value , other type don’t need.
btn-primary Provides extra visual weight and identifies the primary action in a set of buttons
btn-info Used as an alternative to the default styles
btn-success Indicates a successful or positive action
btn-warning Indicates caution should be taken with this action
btn-danger Indicates a dangerous or potentially negative action
btn-inverse Alternate dark gray button, not tied to a semantic action or use
btn-link Deemphasize a button by making it look like a link while maintaining button behavior
Custom Button Shortcode
[button text="Button" icon="fa-flag" type="btn-custom" size="btn-lg/btn-sm/btn-xs" url="#" bg_color="#1BC4DE" bg_hover_color="#00b3ce" txt_color="#ffffff" txt_hover_color="#cef8ff"]